How Often Should I Update My Blog?


Blogs are a wonderful way for people to express themselves and further develop their writing talents, even on a beginner or professional level. However, if you spend any time on Blogger or WordPress, you will run across many blogs that have been abandoned not long after they were started and certainly long before they ever had a chance to develop any kind of following.

If you have a blog that is starting to grow fallow, here are some tips on how often you should post an update:

Are Your Posts Based Around Recurring Events?

Do you tend to cover events in the news? If so, and you are focused on a particular person or subject, then you need to keep up a fairly regular schedule in order to live up to your blogs focus and retain readers. If you find that this schedule is too much for you, perhaps limit the blogs emphasis a bit.

Business Blogging

Blogs are a great way to bring attention to a business and attract loyal customers. People like to read blogs that offer some kind of value for their time (e.g. tips on how to do something, how to save money, etc), rather than ones that are just a recurring advertisement.

Make sure your blogs offer the reader something worthwhile for their time. It is recommended that you update it with new material the equivalent of every two days as that provides ample reason for people to check back.

What is the Competition Doing?

If you are concerned with being competitive, you will have to keep up a schedule that is similar to others in your chosen field. If they are posting every three days, then you need to be just as prolific in order to generate the same level of steady traffic flow to your site.