Kids Need Their Exercise

A day doesn’t go by without some news outlet reminding us of the importance of exercise. This applies across all age groups, from toddlers just getting started in Kindergarten to your grandmother. Children are of particular concern as obesity rates in this age group are reaching crisis numbers. The issue is that kids today have so many distractions, thanks to technology, that they rarely bother to exercise anymore. Add in a poor diet and you have a recipe for weight problems and even diabetes.

If your own kids are reluctant to exercise, here are some things you can try:

Participate With Them

Simply ordering your kids to “get outside and do something” might get them out the door, but they will probably then just sit around looking at their phones.  Arrange to do something with them: walking, hiking, basketball, or even a game of catch. This shows that you care enough to be interested in spending time with them and participating.

League Play

Encourage your kids to join a league that interests them. This means that they will both practice and play on a set schedule. They can also make new friends, which will act as a further motivation for them.

Encourage Play

Exercise does not always have to be organized. Encourage your kids to call up their friends and play street hockey, touch football, or some other pick-up sport.

Do It for a Good Cause

Many organizations hold walks or runs to raise money. Encourage your children to participate, and also do so yourself.

Start Small and Work Your Way Up

Try different things in order to find the activity that really clicks with your children. Once you have, have them do it a couple of times a week and then gradually increase. Don’t force it upon them; their interest needs to be organic.