Are You a Problem Gambler?

Many people gamble, though many don’t even know they’re doing it. Buying a lottery ticket at the gas station? That’s gambling, believe it or not, and can be the sign of a greater gambling addiction.

Here are other signs that you might have a gambling problem:

You Can’t Walk Away

Many people call it a night when they have success at the table or a slot machine. However, gambling addicts view this as a sign that they are on a winning streak and plunge on ahead, often increasing their bets.

You Bet Money You Can’t Afford to Lose

Most people set aside some gambling money for a night of fun with friends. People with a gambling problem go through that and then proceed on to betting money that they cannot afford to lose.

Gambling Becomes Your #1 Priority

The need to gamble becomes your whole reason for existing. That causes deterioration in relationships, a drop in the quality of work at your job,  and other things that are priorities for most people to mean little or nothing.

Gambling Affects Your Emotional Well-Being

The high you got when you initially started gambling is rarely there anymore and it is now just something you feel compelled to do. When you are not winning, you feel consistently depressed and empty.

You Gamble for More Than Just Entertainment

Most people gamble for a little diversion. Addicts gamble because they need it to stabilize their emotions or need something to make them feel interested and engaged again.

You Have to Keep Increasing Your Bets

Part of the thrill of gambling now is the risk. Small bets don’t produce the rush you need; it must be bigger and riskier bets in order for you to get keep getting the same thrill.

Gamblers Anonymous also offers an online test if you’re still not sure.