Abuse Dwarfism Syndrome:123

I shall discuss the causes. However, before that let’s have a look at the symptoms. This will help understand the condition better and look around for the possible causes. The symptoms are kind of straight forward. You know the normal thickness of your lips as well as their normal color. In case of lower lip inflammation, you’ll observe the skin fold at the intersection of the mouth swelling. This will cause a huge lump and your mouth doesn’t close properly. Sometimes, the entire lower lip swells and makes your lip appear larger than normal. The color may shift to a deep red or may be bluish purple hue. The lip may bleed and will be extremely painful to touch. The normally soft lip, turns hard, rubbery in texture. Blisters may appear in some cases and the surrounding structures like lower cheeks too swell slightly.

Lower lip swelling can be temporary in many cases. The causes are many and dealt with in the following paragraphs.

Lower lip injury may give rise to swelling. You may have accidentally bite your lower lip while having food or eating something. Sometimes, it can so happen that you injure yourself while rubbing or washing your face. A late night beer bar brawl can also leave you with a swollen lower lip. Aggressive kissing can likewise be a cause of swelling. When your partner bites your lower lip in the warmth of the moment, it can cause tissue tear and swelling of the lip.

One of the most frequent causes of swelling on lower lip is allergic reaction. One can be allergic to specific food like peanuts, sun flower seeds, fish, lobsters, etc. Many people are allergic to dust, pollen grains, dander, etc. present in the environment. At times, an insect bite like a bee sting, wasps or hornet sting can also trigger allergic reaction and lead to swollen lips. When a person develops an allergic reaction it causes itchy lips, swollen tongue, tingling in lips and swollen lip as well.

Use of certain medications for hives, psoriasis, eczema, etc. can lead to swollen lips. This indicates the person has established a side effect to the drug and medication and should discontinue the medication under the supervision of a medical professional.

Acromegaly is a syndrome that occurs due to excessive production of growth hormone (hGH). It leads to soft tissue swelling that causes enlargement of hands, feet, nose, ears as well as lips. This condition commonly affects individuals in their middle age.

A group of metabolic disorders is called mucopolysaccharidosis. It occurs due to lysosomal enzymes that can no longer break down glycosaminoglycans. It causes development of rough physical features like flat nasal bridge, enlarged mouth, tongue as well as thick lips. There are many other symptoms connected with the condition, of which dwarfism is the most outstanding one.

Environment too has a role in swollen lower lip. Too hot or too cold a climate can lead to inflammation of lower lip. In case of extreme heat, the UV rays from the sun damage the lips and cause it to swell and become extremely dry and hard. Too much cold too has the same effect, causing tissue damage and swelling. Eating or drinking too cold or hot food and beverages too can result in a swollen lower lip temporarily. Smoking and chewing of tobacco also gives rise to the same. This is because tobacco leads to mouth or oral cancer and lips tend to swell due to growth of tumour.

Many times, cracked lips are an open invitation to bacteria and viruses to invade and cause infection. This causes painful infections and swelling of lips. Herpes virus is one of those infectious agent that causes blister formation around the mouth and inflammation of lips.

Deficiency of vital vitamins and minerals in the feeding can lead to swelling lower lip. In many cases, lower lip inflammation indicates deficiency of vitamin B.

This is a disorder that causes inversion of position as well as swelling of the lower lip. The cause of this condition is unknown and leads to ulcers, crusts, mucous gland hyperplasia, swelling, and abscess.

The inflammation on lower lip treatment generally involves application of ice compress on the affected lip. This helps reduce the swelling and treat the condition. It is also recommended to eat cold yogurt to reduce inflammation and avoiding any hot drink. Many corticosteroids and inflammatory drugs help reduce the swelling. If the swelling persists for longer than 5 days, it will be advisable to visit a doctor for more help. He will be in a position to advise you correctly about how to deal with a swollen lip. This is all about swollen lower lip causes. Hope you have found answers to what may have led to inflammation of lower lip in your case.